This current body of work is contemplative and focuses on an unsettling time in my life. During this time, I lacked creative inspiration and felt lost. Curiously, this absence of creativity brought forth this new work.

I try to live life with a huge sense of openness, always staying open to a familiar knowingness. These contemplative experiences, I call knowingness, guides my life. Moments like these are different from my everyday thoughts and I honor them — I paint them, I sculpt them, and write about them. Moments like these are like a forceful connection to a contemplative experience that I feel.

I have kept a journal most of my life. Journaling magnifies life and way of living in this world. Looking back at my past writing helped me move forward. Hundreds, if not thousands of words and pages, a collection of my thoughts allowed me to look at myself during this difficult time. My words and journaling allowed me to move forward during a very challenging time borrowing my past thoughts and words.

This art and words are important to honor my journey. I hope this unique inspiration can be useful for others. Art has an ability to live beyond reality, capturing something worth revealing. It is this capacity that transcends what we see, what is in front of us, and allows us to recognize an unseen reality. Being exposed is terrifying, but vulnerability is key to growth and expansion.