Artists can illuminate the moral issues of our time by awakening a deeper, more distinct understanding of social, political and cultural injustices. As an artist, I explore contemporary social, cultural and political issues. Through my words and art, I attempt to create change.

My hope is that my work will stimulate thought and open eyes and hearts to our place in the world. I believe art gives our lives the focus that it desperately needs bring us face to face with ourselves. It prompts us to ask questions about the world that surrounds us, bringing us face-to-face with ourselves. This is where change begins. It seems that we live in a time when people commonly and unfortunately look past their basic values. My art is my reaction to that.

Awards, Honors & Grants


  • 2017 The Brico Fund
  • 2015 The Brico Fund
  • 2015 The Wisconsin Arts, Humanities and Historical Preservation Grant
  • 2014 The Kennedy Center's Partner is Arts Integration Education, University Of Wisconsin Whitewater
  • 2013 Freda B. Runyon Foundation / El Dorado, CA
  • 2013 Sr. Marcella Leadership Award / Omaha, Nebraska
  • 2010 University of Wisconsin School of Business Women Executive Leadership Summit 2010 women leadership recipient
  • 2009 Best Buy@15 Change Exchange Partner
  • 2009 Herzfeld Foundation
  • 2009 Wisconsin Arts education Concerned Citizen of the Arts award 2008 Uniquely ME! Girl Scout Self-Esteem Program grant
  • 2008 Quixote Foundation
  • 2007 Quixote Foundation
  • 2006 J.J. Keller Foundation
  • 2006 Quixote Foundation
  • 2006 Ford Foundation
  • 2004 Wisconsin Arts Board 


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Activism is the foundation for all of Kelly’s endeavors. Her objective is to educate communities about targeted issues in the hopes of shaking up the status quo, creating a catalyst, examining the questions that shape and inspire all of us. Kelly lectures nationally about art and activism and serves in artist-in-residence programs for  and produces workshops for all ages. Contact Kelly Parks Snider for further information.

  • 2015 Black Lives Matter Artist in Residency at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 
  • 2012 Wisconsin Book Festival
  • 2012 Fox Cities Book Festival
  • 2012  Madison Children’s Museum
  • 2010 Writers writing about: Self Empowerment / Mount Mary College
  • 2010 Spark Summit Hunter College / New York City, New York
  • 2010 Reclaiming Girlhood, University Of Wisconsin, La Crosse, Wisconsin2008
  • 2009  Walker Art Center / Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 2008 Colby College/Hardy Girls / Waterville, Maine
  • 2008  Walker Art Center/Women with a vision: Past and Present Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 2008 Perpich Center for Arts Education / Minneapolis, Minnesota 2008 University of Wisconsin Art Department / Madison, Wisconsin
  • 2008 Edgewood High School / Madison, Wisconsin 2008 Alverno College / Milwaukee, Wisconsin