Zilly: A Modern-Day Fable is the story of a wonderfully, out-of-the-ordinary flyer who loves being quirky, spontaneous, and free. Her best friend is a goat named Mingle who loves Zilly just the way she is. But the other flyers tease Zilly for being different, and her uniqueness and friendship are tested when she decides to take flying lessons for flyers who want to get in (“No goats allowed!”).

Author and illustrator Kelly Parks Snider weaves together eclectic artwork and playfully poetic words to create this fanciful tale. Readers will see themselves in this modern-day fable that celebrates the power of friendship and being true to one’s self.

Zilly is an outgrowth of Project Girl. Project Girl, co-founded by Kelly Parks Snider, is a nationally recognized, award-winning program that combines art and media literacy into a unique, educational experience for children, parents and educators. e book includes discussion questions for children and caring adults, providing a springboard to introduce thoughtful dialogue about peer pressure, bullying, and the role of media in our life.

I like being me, and I am exactly the way I am supposed to be!