Justice for all cannot happen if we ignore wrongdoing.

Art is powerful. It speaks in a language we all can understand. It focuses our attention, expands our perspective, even alters our point of view. It can change us.

For many, visual art is a more powerful amplifier of contemporary issues and ideas than the spoken or written word. Art brings people together, and creates a safe environment to explore highly charged topics.

The goal of Women Against Hate United by Love is to counteract hateful rhetoric with stories of our neighbors and community; actively coming together to give love a voice and recognize our community members who are working to shift away from fear and hate.

Women artists, cultural organizers, advocacy groups, funders, and political campaigners have collaborated on long-term planning, design, communication, and dissemination strategies, fully utilize art as a tool for social transformation. Together with printmakers Leigh Garcia and Rachel Griffin, Kelly Parks Snider has put together a series of portraits and words that reflect a community fueled in activism.

Artists: Kelly Parks Snider, Rachael Griffin, Leigh Garcia

In unity with Collaborating Activists: Markasa Tucker, Janan Najeeb, Astar Herndon, Shantel Carson, Bridget Piggery, Keisha Robinson, Marcela Garcia, Basha Harris, Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Guadalupe Romero, Freya Nuemann, Livia Rowell-Ortiz, Kathy Flores, Tammie Xiong, Maikue Vang,

Collaborating Partners: The BRICO FUND, We Are Many United Against Hate, Milwaukee Muslim Coalition, Wisconsin Voices, 9 to 5, Voces de la Frontera, Diverse and Resilient, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, ACLU, Hmong American Women Association, Walkers Point Center for the Arts, Monroe Street Framing.

For more information visit We Are Women Against Hate.